Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Two more days! o.O

Only two more days before BLUElab India departs for our needs assessment trip! I can't wait to meet all of the lovely people at the Setco Foundation that have been helping us with this project :D.

I've got my bags packed with comfy clothes, sunscreen, and the water testing kits. It's going to be a challenge keeping the kits cool in transit. According to another BLUElab team, Hagley Gap, we will have to tote the Coliscan solution in a lunch box full of ice, refilling it at each airport. I hope we don't get stopped by TSA, but we probably won't since the bottles are so small.

Here's a summary of our itinerary:

Week 1: Get to know people in the Village, Learn about what life is like in Kalol.
Week 2-3: Workshops, interviews with health care providers, site visits, water testing
Week 4: Data analysis, reflection, brain storming project ideas

Can't wait to get there! More updates coming soon. 

See ya,