Thursday, June 5, 2014

First days at the hospital

The first days at the hospital were very intense. I was getting lost in the building and not quite sure about what I should or could be doing. By now I am feeling a little bit more comfortable, but I still need a few more days to really understand how most things work. 
For the first part of my project I am getting familiar with the health care practices that are present in this hospital. I am shadowing nurses, doctors and educators, as well as talking to local people (when they speak some English). 
Language is not a barrier when talking with other health care professional, since English is the common language, but it becomes one when talking to local people. I realized it will be useful to learn some Kannada (the local language), so I got a book that might help me with that. I am not expecting to become fluent by the end of this experience, but it will be useful to know some basic words. 
I am now working in a project with one of the educators, we are developing new leaning material for the nurse students. I just started working on this, so I will have more updates coming soon! 

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  1. Very exciting! I think it always takes awhile to get adjusted to a new working environment, but it sounds like you have it under control!