Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Today was an eventful day.
I am living at the hospital, so I did not need to wake up a lot earlier to have a cup of "chai" before starting the rounds. Every morning the doctors go around the wards and discuss the patients' progress. The nurses and other health professional also participate, it is an excellent way to get an update on the patients.
After the round, which took about one hour, I was ready to start working on my project. I am collaborating with the nursing tutors in the implementation of new teaching techniques. For now, I am basically surveying the skills of the nursing students that are working in the hospital. I did that for a little bit and then I shadowed two operations, a hernia repair and an appendix removal.
After the operations, I had lunch and then I decided to drop by the labor room. A lady was giving birth, so I stayed. I was shadowing the midwife and assisting. The baby was born at 3.00 pm, but it wasn't until 3.05 pm that he started breathing. Those probably were the longest 5 minutes of my life. Everyone in the room was getting ready to start resuscitation, when the little chest started moving. It was a very emotive moment.
After a quick break, I was ready to join the member of the organization that go to the areas where the tribes live to perform in front of the them and promote health care. We drove to a village that was about 50 minutes away. The performance was in Kannada, but I was still able to understand some of what was going on. The topic of that day was prenatal care, but they also inform the tribes on topics such as childhood marriage, alcoholism, etc. The performance was full of music and the locals were enjoying it. No doubts it was an excellent way of reaching the people.
When  I came back I had dinner, the same thing that I have everyday for lunch and dinner: chapati, rice and some type of vegetable.
I am now working on a presentation for continuous nursing education, every week I will present on a different topic for all the nursing staff. Also, everyday of the week at 3 pm I am tutoring a class for the nursing students.
It is very exciting to be here, I am learning a lot and hoping to be making some contribution!

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  1. Wow, what an incredible day you had! I look forward to hear more about the presentations you've been conducting!