Thursday, June 5, 2014

Two Weeks In

A little over two weeks in now and the novelty of certain things have worn off. I leave for work at 9 and leave work at the earliest around 8 so the days go by pretty quickly. Although I never fall asleep before midnight back home I can barely stay awake past 10 here. Not sure if it's the heat or what but I haven't slept this early since well before high school.

I have picked up another project at work. Yuva has a program called Evolution in which businesses donate money to sponsor a municipal school. Yuva then goes in and upgrades certain infrastructure, provides sports equipment, teacher training, and other inputs to the school. I will be working with a team to design a study which will lead to a report to send to the businesses which have donated money. This type of report is very different from my other project, the Public Goods Game, which has a more academic approach.

I am finishing up the design of my study for the fellowship. The schools start back up again in June so I will begin administering the surveys soon. The more I learn about the Indian school system the more what I want to study changes. I was surprised to learn that after 8th grade school is no longer free. There is also a much larger dropout problem than what I initially imagined.

On a bright note, Yuva had a big event for all of their volunteers on Saturday which was fun, I went to 3 different functions for the same Indian wedding and danced in the streets (because they aren't crowded enough), Lydia is now here, and I am currently 20 for 20 on days not getting a sunburn.


  1. It sounds like they are keeping you busy! I hope you're able to find time to do the kind of research you want! I look forward to hearing more about what you're doing at Yuva!

  2. Sounds like you're working hard! It's amazing to realize that things we take for granted in the US (i.e. free education through high school) are not necessarily guaranteed elsewhere, isn't it? I'm sure you're noticing alllll kinds of differences and specific inequalities in Yuva. Just curious: Does your organization do anything to evaluate the effectiveness/sustainability of the projects they support, such as modifying infrastructure in schools? (The social work/public policy student in me just geeked out reading about these initiatives :) ) And the heat/hard work can definitely knock you out early -- as can the culture shock, regardless of whether or not you outwardly realize the impact it has on you!