Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Since I came here I have been tutoring/teaching some nursing courses and leading workshops for Continuous Nursing Education targeted to the entire nursing staff. This is part of my project, since one part of my research focuses on analyzing the implementation of different teaching techniques. The evaluation of the intervention is the biggest challenge in my research project at this point, since I cannot print material. I have to rely on the participants feedback and in pre-test post-test measurements that I write by hand. Because I have to do them by hand, I do not always have the time to make many of them, and I only evaluate a portion of the participant progress. I have been trying to use some statistical analysis to calculate the percentage of the population that I should be evaluating, but the number I obtained was too big to be actually used in practice, so I will have to contempt myself with accepting this limitation of my research project.

For another part of my research, I am being an observer and surveying what happens in the ward on day to day basis. I am focusing on hand-washing and mediation administration for now. Taking hand-washing as an example, I first monitor what are the nurses actually doing. Then I do some teaching in case there is a deficit in knowledge. After they have received the information the participants are assessed. Ultimately, I want to observe if the teaching session make a difference in the practice, so I will monitor the ward once again in the coming weeks.

Of course, my presence in the ward is a limitation on its own. The nurses are probably trying to do their best when I am there. However, as they get used to see me there everyday, I hope they will act as close as what they normally act even with me being there.

After 5.30 everyday, I am free, and I have about 2 hours of sunlight to walk around town. Local people have invited me to eat, and so far (despite actually trying my best) all I have learnt in Kannada is how to say: Did you have food?
I had food.
Food was good.
(Instead of saying hello, people ask you if you had food here)
In addition, I know the few food items people actually consume here roti, chapati, dosa, sambar, sagu... I keep forgetting how to say rice, but everyone know that word.

Here is a picture of the hospital
And that is all for now!

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  1. It sounds like you're doing some fantastic work! Thanks for the pictures too!