Saturday, July 19, 2014

Delhi Week Two

I am blown away by how spiritual India is, and I absolutely love it. They say people find themselves in India, and I have certainly done that. The Basti is a very conservative Muslim community, and the life of the community revolves around Islam. During this holy Ramadan season, it can’t be more obvious. The sirens at sunrise and sunset, and then the frequent call of the Azhan remind me of how devoted everyone in the community is to their faith. Most men wear the tupis and the kurta pajama, and the women cover their heads in public.

At the largest dargah (burial memorial) in the community, I witnessed the magic of Indian music and the result of Ramadan crowds after Iftar. The whole dargah and the adjacent mosque was lit with lights like Christmas, and some men sat on the ground with traditional instruments, singing as loud as their voices would allow. Crowds of men in tupis surrounded the musicians, as they awaited the last prayer of the night. Women and children surrounded the foot of the dargah, socializing and resting from a long, hot day. Only men are allowed inside the memorial, but I could see them circling it and throwing flowers on the tomb.

Back at the Hope Project, my project is slowly coming along. Dr. Luna was kind enough to allow me to shadow her as she visits with patients, and otherwise I am in the homeopathic pharmacy room, helping to make the new register. I was finally able to get my hands on the monthly reports for the clinic, and I have some ideas for some great observations I have made.

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  1. Spirituality in India is always something alums of this program are talking about! I'm so glad you're being exposed to all sorts of new things and ideas. I'm also excited to hear about your project and that you were able to get your hands on some raw materials!