Monday, July 21, 2014

Jeevika: Week Five

The report I am writing is moving along very well. The first draft is almost complete and there are many very interesting and very useful findings. What stood out to me the most is that many families are getting their daughters married off below 18 because they are afraid that their daughters will run away with a boyfriend. When looking at the actual rates of child marriage though, the majority of women are not running away but getting married by their parents. Many women are also running away for fear of being married off, not because of a particular boyfriend, creating a cycle of young marriages. It will be interesting to learn what interventions Jeevika will propose to combat this.

My interviews are also going along well. I interviewed the chair of the Women's Studies Dept. at Jadavpur University as well as the founder of the Association for Women with Disabilities. Activism in Kolkata is so interesting and I am really gaining a better understanding of this city and its history as I continue my interviews.

I did some sightseeing this weekend and got to see the Dakinshwar Kali temple. It was a magnificent building and it was packed with people.

I can't believe how quickly this experience is going by and I am starting to realize how much more I have and want to do! I'm looking forward to these last three weeks and what they will hold. 

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  1. Very interesting! Child marriage must be a very difficult thing to discuss with the women, but it seems as thought your interviews are going well. I applaud you! I'm also glad you got to do some sightseeing this weekend! I'd love to see some pictures!!