Saturday, July 5, 2014

Jeevika: Week Three

I am getting into the routine of getting to and from work as well as handling my tasks at the office. My work this week was pretty consistent with the work I have been doing. This week we had a group from Delhi come in (Breakthrough) who also uses similar methods to combat child marriage, trafficking, domestic violence, and a whole host of other issues regarding women's rights. They were here for two days and got a crash course on Jeevika. I got to sit in on most of this, which was beneficial because it gave me some new perspectives as well as a deeper understanding of the organization.

I am loving the food here. I attended my supervisor's son's birthday party this week and got an amazing meal. She had to bring me a spoon though because I do not have the skill to eat biryani with my hands.

Next week I'm starting on my interviews! I'm excited to get to formally meet with many of the prominent activists in the city. I've ran into many of them and they all have a very moving passion for their work. I'm also visiting a school to watch one of Jeevika's presentations on early marriage and healthy relationships. I might also be starting Bengali lessons, which would be a huge help, because right now I have become the master of non-verbal communication, which I've realized can only get me so far. 

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  1. I like to hear that you are getting into a routine! I'm looking forward to hearing about your interviews and what you're able to do with the information you gather!