Sunday, July 6, 2014

More updates!

I want to move here once I finish my education. I am really in love with this place. 

Last week was really good. I am still working on my project, focusing on nursing education for the nursing students and continuous nursing education (CNE) for the nursing staff. I have been sharing my knowledge on topics such as pain assessment and motivational interviewing through very interactive workshops in which everyone was encourage to participate and contribute with their knowledge. I realized that there was a language barrier, although they classes are always in English, so I have been arranging for somebody so summarize the material in Kannada after the sessions. 

On Friday I went on the mobile unit to visit 12 tribes that live in the forest surrounding the hospital. It was a very interesting experience. This outreach service covers most of the tribal population of the area. The mobile unit visits different places everyday and do weekly follow ups to the same place. Basic health care is provided to a population that suffers from skin diseases, pulmonary diseases and vitamin deficiencies among other health problems. 

On Saturday I was in the infertility clinic. It was very interesting to see 18 years old coming for counselling after not being able to conceive. It is definitely a reality that I can only understand within the cultural context.

I was also able to attend some special workshops on diabetes and pediatric emergency management. They were very helpful and I  learned a lot from them. 

I have a few projects I am working on that I must finish before the 15th of July, so I will have to work very hard this coming days. 

Unfortunately I only have 8 days left here, and I am not ready to leave. 
I love this place and its people, and I find myself calling it home sometimes... 


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  1. It sounds like you are really settling in! I'm so glad you're having such a wonderful time! Good luck finishing up your research!