Thursday, August 7, 2014

Jeevika: Week Seven

As I said in my last post, I was sick during this week. Luckily I didn't have anything serious and was better in a few days. I had to miss out on a couple days of work because of this and therefore don't have much to report. The report I have been working on is finally finished. The executive director looked it over and seemed very satisfied. I also conducted my last interview.

This weekend I went to see some of the religious sites around the city. Although Kolkata is not a religious center due to it being a very new city (by Indian standards) it has some really cool buildings. I started at a sikh temple, where I ate lunch, which probably wasn't the best idea. I then went into North Kolkata to see a Mosque. I finished at a Jain temple outside of the city. The places of worship were all so different, it was great to see all of them in one day. Besides that I spent the weekend doing my final round of shopping and relaxing in the city.

I'm really looking forward to my last week. Although leaving will be bittersweet, a lot has happened here and I can't wait to go home and be able to fully process it all. 

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  1. So sorry you've been sick! I suppose it's something one has to be prepared for when traveling on their own. Glad it wasn't serious and you're feeling a bit better.