Monday, August 4, 2014

Last in India

Before I jump into my final blog post while in India, I want to write about something I was thinking about the past few weeks but forgot to blog. I am a little bit ashamed of certain things about America after coming to India. India's trash is a major problem, however, I don't think India has the resources or infrastructure to deal with that problem right now. While American litter is not as bad, we do have the resources to handle that problem. When an Indian litters it is pretty likely that there might not be a trash can around for a long ways. In America, there are trash cans everywhere and there is no excuse for simply throwing trash on the ground. India also does not have the resources to put a great teacher in a decent classroom for every boy and girl. America has the resources to give every child an amazing education but we are failing to do so at the level we could be. If India were to take every person living on the street or in slums and try to put them into stable housing I can't imagine there would be enough room, aside from how they would do it financially. Homelessness in America is something I imagine will never go away, however, again, we have the resources to be doing a better job at it than what we are currently doing.

Now, the final, hoo-ra, big finish blog post while I am India. I remember on my second day here I was overwhelmed by senses. It was loud, the smells were new, it was dirty, people weren't speaking English, etc. I remember thinking, "This is awesome and all but I wish I only had to do it for about 8 hours and then I could take a break from it and be back in the States." As I got used to the sights, sounds, smells, and people, this thought was gone and I forgot about it. That is until a few days ago. I was taking a walk at night, like I usually do, and I thought, "I am going to be happy to be back in America, but I wish I could just transport back to India every once in a while throughout the day." I am certainly going to miss India and it saddens me to not know when, or if, I will be able to come back. Of course there are the friends I have made here who I may never see again, who I will miss. But also, I will miss the food and the ability to buy a feast for about 2 dollars. I think I may actually miss living without the Western necessities of a cell phone and wifi while not at work. Although first terrified by them (sure that their only thought was how to give me rabies), I am going to miss street dogs. I am going to miss riding on a motorbike and the always present thought of,"There must be more accidents the way these people drive, and today is the day I am involved in one of them." I won't miss 115 degree season or monsoon season, but that time right in the middle was nice. I am going to miss seeing something strange every day, even on days where I just go to work and come home. I'm going to miss cricket but not the inability to watch baseball games. I am going to miss getting medical advice that seems to be based on anything but medical research. I will miss shaky elevator rides with the always present thought of, "There must be more accidents with how old these elevators are, and today is the day I am involved in one of them." I won't miss old men staring at me like I have a toe on my forehead but I will miss little kids staring at me like I was the side kick of their favorite super hero. I think I will actually miss not understanding what people are saying when they aren't speaking to me, I have this weird fear that understanding all the conversations around me again will be this overload of information.

So, by and by, I will surely miss this chaotic place, all the people in it who made sure I didn't melt down the first few weeks, and this entire experience in general. An experience which, in the matter of a few hours, will be sadly boxed and put away inside my mind as the memory of the amazing summer I spent in India. 

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  1. Great post, Dan! It was a pleasure following your blog all summer and I can't wait to read the final report you come up with.

    Safe travels home!