Friday, August 22, 2014

Week 5: Eid

The volunteer coordinator also runs the computers and he's on assignment in Switzerland right now, so I expect this to be posted as soon as he returns. This week is Eid in the Basti, one of only two Muslim holidays. The people at the clinic say Eid is a full-week celebration, and it's so cool to see the girls donned in their makeup and elaborate salwar kameezes while the men don either black or white kurta pajamas. Some of the kurtas could be really nice too, if he chose to dress up.

The clinic was closed most of this week but I still attended evening class to work with the kids on English. Of course they wanted to finish early to play so this time I let it slide, for Eid. All the sweet shops are prepared for celebrations with a variety of new colorful sweets that aren't available normally. And there's certainly a festive feel when friends arnd family gather these days.

For my Eid, I visited the Humayan Tomb again and enjoyed the ancient Mughal architecture that appears everywhere in this area. At night I  visited teh famous Dargah in the Basti, which I discovered is so holy because a very famous Sufi philosopher was buried there. If one looks carefully, one will notice that many Muslims from around the world visit Nizamuddin and sometimes come to stay.

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  1. What a special time to be in India! I'm glad you got to experience this.